Using Diet and Nutrition to Fight Toenail Fungus

Modern medicine practices, with all its investments, have found it difficult to sufficiently eliminate the widespread toenail fungus problem. This is not to say that no medicine has been created for this issue. However, they are all inconsistent. Fungal and yeast overgrowth has been termed as the main cause for the condition. The drugs released all work towards halting the overgrowth of internal dermatophyte in the toenails. Most of these drugs have serious side effects. Medical practitioners prefer that patients use tropical treatments together with maintaining specific toenail fungus diets.

Such diets are vital for the immune system. Some elements of this diet include drinking several glasses of water on a daily basis. This helps in flushing out toxins. On the other hand, fungus has a way of feeding off sugars. Therefore, it is advisable that one avoids all forms of sugars in their diet. This includes soft drinks and processed niceties.

Food elements such as biotin and sulfur have been found to prevent nail fungus. In addition to this, they are good at maintaining healthy nails. Therefore, a proper diet for individuals suffering from toenail fungus should include a lot of onions, soy and broccoli, all of which contain a lot of silicon, biotin as well as sulfur You should maintain a good nutritional balance of all these elements. It is advisable that one takes Vitamin B12 supplements if at all your nails are also dark in color.


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