Food has nothing to do with healing

Once upon a time when individuals needed to develop their sustenance before they could eat it, they didn't generally utilize nourishment for some other reason than for eating for when they were hungry. Be that as it may, as human progress moved far from simply agrarian social orders to industrialized social orders, it got to be simpler to buy nourishment, and undesirable sustenance determinations turned out to be a great deal all the more promptly accessible. 

Commercialization of nourishment generation has permitted us to purchase any measure of sustenance we favor and store them in our home. We no more devoured sustenance only on the grounds that we were hungry, we ate on the grounds that there was nourishment put away in the house. We ate when we were exhausted, we ate when individuals came over, we ate when we sat in front of the TV, we ate when we entertained guests and we ate at whatever point we felt like it. 

At the point when globalization turned into a pattern, we could discover intriguing sustenance, wine, cheeses from any edge of the world comfortable grocery stores. We can locate a fast-food joint on every road that permitted us to purchase as much nourishment as we needed and in any amount we sought. 

Progressively, we no more took a gander at nourishment as unimportant fuel for our bodies. Sustenance turned into an image of our monetary riches. Where before we just sufficiently purchased crisp sustenance that we can expand in a day, we began purchasing in vast amounts. 

The individuals who earned an altered and consistent month to month pay can bear to purchase sustenance using a credit card and pay for it on every payday. Basic supply trucks heaped high with canned and prepared solidified sustenance turned into an image for one's monetary riches. Our feeling of character was tied up with what we had the capacity purchase and devour rather than what we do and how we manage ourselves as well as other people. We no more just ate nourishment, we expanded sustenance. 

As commercialization and consumerism developed common, we discovered ourselves expecting to work more hours with a specific end goal to win more cash which empowered us to expand more merchandise. The conventional adjusted or "square" feast which implied a touch of protein, organic products, vegetables and bread, was supplanted by prepared sustenance that is high in salt, sugar and fat as these sorts of nourishment were simplest to purchase, took next to zero time to get ready and were promptly accessible regardless of what time of year or condition of the climate.


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