Pregnant Woman’s High Fat Diet Affects Future Generations

In studies recently conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine, it was concluded that a pregnant woman's high fat diet can affect future generations. There is also a great possibility that an obese expectant's future generations will suffer from genetic abnormalities. A pregnant woman can pass on abnormalities through bloodline. Research reveals that this can affect any of the woman's three subsequent generations.

Women, whether expecting a child or not, should take precautions when it comes to keeping themselves fit and healthy.  Serious obesity-related diseases can be passed on to a child and to the succeeding generations if the expectant mother is overweight.

In the United States, about two-thirds of the population under the demographics of reproductive-age women are suffering from obesity. Experts in the medical field point out that the kind of diet that people have continues to worsen as the years pass by. Many are relying on fast foods and processed edibles which do not promote good health.

Health care providers highlight the importance of maternal care. The medical world has yet to determine whether modification in diet and regular exercise can help reverse the abnormalities in genetic metabolism. But since it is always best to follow the rules in keeping a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended for expecting moms and women who wish to get pregnant soon to stay away from sugary edibles. Low-fat diets are also advised. Exercise can help burn calories but pregnant women should seek their doctor’s advice first before starting any new exercise.

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